Dynamic composer, arranger, and producer Germono Toussaint is set to release the lively retro dance track “We’re Having a Party,” on Friday, June 11th. A welcome addition to the revelry of NYC Pride, “We’re Having a Party” features critically acclaimed cabaret performer Michael Michelle Lynch. This uptempo dance anthem is the debut single off of his upcoming visual album, Brown Liquor & Blessed Oil. Tracing his personal journey from a childhood deeply impacted by alcoholism and religion to his adult struggles with identity, sexuality, and spirituality, Brown Liquor & Blessed Oil will be released in July.

A unique arrangement reminiscent of soul legend Sam Cooke’s 1962 hit “Having a Party,” and Prince’s “1999,” Toussaint’s “We’re Having a Party” is a perfect blend of retro soul and funk with modern pop sounds. The single and video will be released in tandem with Pride Month celebrations in New York City. With a soulful performance by famed drag performer Michael Michelle Lynch, “We’re Having a Party” is both a celebratory dance track and an identity-affirming anthem that reinforces this year’s Pride theme, “The Fight Continues.”

“‘We’re Having a Party’ is a song celebrating who we are as a community,” says Toussaint. “It’s about living loud, living proud, and celebrating ourselves, even as we continue to fight fiercely for our basic human rights.”

The lead single on Brown Liquor & Blessed Oil, “We’re Having a Party” also speaks to Toussaint’s roots in Wisconsin. Born into an alcohol-fueled environment on the northside of Milwaukee, Toussaint’s early childhood was filled with house parties and sparked his obsession with music, with great exposure to soul, R&B, funk, and pop sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Brown Liquor & Blessed Oil, slated for release on the 4th of July, navigates the many different worlds and experiences that influence Toussaint’s work. From his family’s early days of drinking and

partying to their religious conversion, to his own struggles reconciling his religious beliefs with his sexual identity, the album explores the issues that many LGBTQ people of color face balancing social and cultural expectations and “norms” with living in truth and being proud of being queer.

“This album documents my spiritual and sexual evolution,” says Toussaint. “ From being raised in a party atmosphere to spiritual and sexual bondage I experienced in the church, to reclaiming and celebrating all parts of myself. I decided to release the album on July 4th, because it is the day we, as a nation, celebrate our freedom and independence. This album is about my liberation, and the liberation of everyone who has had to live a lie, live in bondage, and live in shame.”

“We’re Having a Party” will be released on all music and video platforms on Friday, June 11th. The full album, Brown Liquor & Blessed Oil, will be available in July.