Hello all,

Every email you’ve received recently has probably started out outlining how we’re living in strange times.

I’m convinced it’s not going to be business as usual for quite awhile. Be patient. Be still. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Consider what someone else is dealing with. We’re all doing the best we can with the information and resources we have.

On top of all the complications of Covid19, the racism in this country has again made the news. Let me be clear, it never disappeared, but technology has made the recent unfathomable acts visible to the entire world. This country is poisoned by racism and cursed by the blood of all the black and brown bodies it used to build itself. So what can we do?

I have dedicated myself to activism beyond my artistic creation. Yes, my art is a form of activism, but I can multitask. I usually make it my duty to email, call, and write to judges, senators, legislators, or any relevant party and I will continue to do so.

I also donate to organizations that are doing the work. This is after I have taken care of myself and have a clear head about how to move forward.

In general, I have slowed down a lot and I’ve started seeing my therapist again.  I’ve had more moments of stillness and contemplation, which has caused many of my issues and blindspots to be revealed. I believe my spirit was asking for time and space; important lessons are learned when you have both.

Be well and thank you for your support.

With love,

Germono Toussaint